Editing digital books to "save" people only makes things worse
But there is a way to have a win-win solution instead
How Playing Victim Can Go Wrong
I wrote an article on my other substack last night. It wasn’t about the drama triangle specifically so I placed it there. But, it could be about the…
Left & Right Mirrors of the Drama Triangle
The "Current Thing" is built on Drama
Shine like a star at midnight to change the world
The more we enable, the worse it will get
I’ve talked about blame-shiting and responsibility-shifting in this substack a lot. That’s something people in the drama triangle do a lot. I wrote this…

January 2023

Our Beliefs Color Our World Away From Reality for Good or Bad
How progressives paradoxically, or idiotically hate that the fit survive
John & Jane: An Example Case Here is an example to start this essay out: John Doe wants to have someone sing at an event coming up that he is putting…